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Sarah Jane LaBruce has a refreshing take on parent fatigue

Sarah Jane LaBruce has a refreshing take on parent fatigue

During an appearance on the podcast Social life, hosted by Carl Hardy and Camille D. Sperandio, Sarah Jane LaBruce gave a very inspiring interview about parenting.

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With a natural sweetness, the actress and mother of two, Lawrence And his last born LeoIt opened on a particularly universal topic: parental fatigue.

LaBruce especially expressed her gratitude for her two children, stressing that although she sometimes feels “exhausted,” the joy and happiness outweigh the lack of sleep.

She shared her gratitude for her family, counting herself lucky, while noting a trend she's seeing these days: Some parents focus too much on exhaustion rather than the joy that parenthood truly brings.

“Of course I have a big sleep debt, but it's also fun,” said the actress, who we will soon be able to see. Pretty RoseNext to her lover, Marc-Andre Grondin .

It's definitely interesting to hear the other side of parenting. Sarah Jane knows how exhausting it can be, but choosing to highlight the positive side of the situation is a refreshing perspective.

To watch and listen to the podcast episode Social life With Sarah Jane LaBruce, below:

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