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Adam Sandler helps a viewer in distress and the video goes viral

Adam Sandler helps a viewer in distress and the video goes viral

Adam Sandler has received a shower of praise in recent days on social networks. the reason? The comedian didn’t hesitate to interrupt his latest show to help a fan in medical distress, and a video of the incident went viral.

The comedian was performing at the SAP Center in San Jose on Wednesday night when he heard someone in the audience yell “medical emergency.” He immediately halted this performance for his tour I miss you He asked the rescuers to go to the patient.

Apparently, the moment was filmed by several onlookers and quickly ended up on TikTok. In the video, which went viral, we see the 57-year-old artist directing paramedics towards the person in need of help, and asking the audience to calm down to allow them to do their work.

“Oh my God, is the doctor coming?” we hear him ask before directing rescuers to the man in question. “Well, here’s the doctor. Well, well, here we go, here, guys, right over there on the left.”

“Let’s take a few seconds,” the artist added, saying to the distressed person being carried out on a stretcher: “Let these guys focus: It’s all right, I feel better, brother!” We wish you all good luck.”

Praise and praise for the actor’s composure and compassion quickly poured in on social networks. Many netizens congratulated him on the way he handled the situation, and people in the room praised him for his action.

Sources reportedly told the American website TMZ that the injured person was suffering from dehydration and is now feeling better.

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