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Pierre Hood pays tribute to his brother Paul during the Tout le monde en parole performance

Pierre Hood pays tribute to his brother Paul during the Tout le monde en parole performance

“Passion is a common thread between us.”

This is how Pierre Hood described the bonds between him and his brother Paul during his presence on the Tout le monde en parole program on ICI Télé, on Sunday evening.

Paul Hood, a true icon of communion with encyclopedic knowledge, died around 5:30 a.m. last Saturday.

Pierre Hood provided details about the health condition of his brother, who had been suffering from a “huge brain mass” for a long time. Without knowing whether the mass in Paul's brain was cancerous, Pierre revealed that his brother had suffered a series of falls, prompting him to consult health services for the possibility of undergoing surgery to reduce its size.

“The operation was a success,” admitted Pierre Hood over Guy A’s microphone. LePage. His surgeon is a brilliant man who, by his own admission, has achieved a thirty-nine-hour masterpiece. You can imagine a process that takes nine and a half hours. Imagine you have someone's life in your hands. He was convinced he had achieved a masterpiece, and unfortunately, it was further complications that caused Paul's heart to stop on Saturday morning. »

Pierre Hood admitted that he has become much closer to his older brother in recent years, despite their professional paths developing in parallel.

“What's a bit unfortunate is that Paul and I always wanted to leave the floor to everyone. Life has meant that I've had my own place in RDS for 35 years, and Paul has his own in radio. Over the years, we've become really close. You recently said we were twins separated Three years. Pierre said sadly: “It was our dream to work together in the coming years and unfortunately that will not happen.”

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To honor Paul Hood, he accompanied Pierre-Marc Labreche, Jean-Philippe Wautier, and Thérèse Parisien.

Despite the mourning, Pierre Hood was faithful in his post a few hours later to describe the first Formula 1 Grand Prix of the season on the airwaves.

“I'm convinced Paul would have said: 'Bro, go for the Bahrain Grand Prix.' “If it were the other way around, I would wish Paul would perform live too. »

Furthermore, Pierre took time to thank the Formula 1 production team at RDS for helping him get through this difficult moment.

“I had a real director, and I had another director who spoke in my ear,” Pierre Hood said with an emotional smile.

Paul Hood has worked in the media field for 48 years. His last appearance on radio was last December.

In cultural, sporting and political circles, Paul Hood's contribution to Quebec society has been praised from all sides.

“On behalf of the entire RDS family, I would like to offer our sincere condolences to Paul Hood’s family, especially to his brother Pierre and his son Karl, but also to all his friends and work colleagues,” Charles announced. Perreault, Director General of RDS, on Sunday.

“Canadiens were saddened to learn of Paul Hood's passing, and wish to extend their sincere condolences to his family, and in particular to his brother Pierre. Above all, a man of exceptional quality, Paul was a monument to the Quebec media world. Our thoughts are with you during the This is a difficult ordeal, Pierre.