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‘I had the impression I had stumbled upon a gold mine’: Catherine Senart pays tribute to Quebec great Stephane Vein

‘I had the impression I had stumbled upon a gold mine’: Catherine Senart pays tribute to Quebec great Stephane Vein

After the first release over 10 years ago, Catherine Senart returns with a “deluxe edition” of Love according to FinnWhich highlights the very rich work of songwriter Stefan Finn.

And it’s not over, The weather is good, The beginning of a new time… Stephane Vein, born in Verdun in 1941, is the pen behind many local classics, and has written for several singing greats: René Claude, Isabelle Pierre, Emmanuel, Michel Louvain, Pierre Lalonde, Donald Lautrec. ..

“He is a major songwriter in Quebec. His music touches me a lot,” says Catherine Senart, 53, recalling with emotion her encounter with the artist’s work. “I had the impression that I had stumbled upon a gold mine,” adds the woman we met on the small screen. . Margaret is flying And on stage as Eliza Doolittle My Fair Lady.

Love, which Catherine Senart wanted to address in a broad sense in this piano-voice proposal first presented in 2009, runs through Stefan Fehn’s work in countless forms. In this show we cover “the meeting, the honeymoon, the arguments, the break-ups, the possible return, the fidelity… Stefan Finn really enjoyed the subject of love with his pen, which is full of ingenuity, humor and depth,” he says. the artist.

Pierre-Paul Poulin / Le Journal de Montreal / QMI Agency

“Stefan Finn has never rested at his workbench,” Catherine Senart explains admiringly. He was always looking for new melodies and new ways to approach texts. At the same time he has a signature. “We recognize Finn’s voice.”

Love after a decade

There are some songs that don’t show a lot of wrinkles. Stefan Finn’s repertoire is certainly part of it, especially between the book coversAnd it’s not over As the theme song for star Academy And The weather is good by several artists, including the electro group Bon Entendeur in France.

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What made Catherine Senart want to return to it? Love according to Finn today? The pandemic has sparked a lot of thought. I thought we were going through a difficult time. This show sounds good…and I knew it would be good for me to find these songs again.

However, there is no doubt that the initial version of Love according to Finn. “In my opinion, the show was incomplete. I wanted to see this project through to the end. “I contacted Martin Leclerc, who immediately agreed to participate and produce the show,” says the artist, who dreams of touring Quebec with this project. “We leave in a beautiful place.” . It’s a deluxe edition!

Catherine Senart

Pierre-Paul Poulin / Le Journal de Montreal / QMI Agency

To do this, she, among other things, shortened it Love according to FinnAnd he revised the texts that form the dramatic thread a little. “My voice is 12 years older,” the translator adds. I approach songs with more maturity. The first version was more nostalgic and sad. Today, I have more perspective. I approach this show with a big smile.

At the Théâtre du Rideau Vert the audience will be able to discover it Love according to Finn Revamped, Catherine Senart reunites with her collaborators from the beginning, Marc-André Cuirier on piano and arrangements and Marie-Yves Gagnon on direction. “People will get it for their eyes, ears and all their senses.”

Love according to Finn, from November 9 to 11 at the Théâtre du Rideau Vert, and February 11 at La Chapelle Spectacles in Quebec. The album will also be available from November 9 on digital platforms and in physical format after the shows. to All the details And show dates, it’s here.

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