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Performing arts: Petitum conquers Europe

Performing arts: Petitum conquers Europe

Tommy Tremblay, known as Petittum, has a talent like no other. Since his appearances in Mixmania 2, La Voix and Révolution, the successes have continued for him.

Joel Lemay/QMI Agency

Most recently, the versatile artist landed the lead role in Molière’s musical, which was presented at the Dome in Paris.

“We’ve been building this entire show for 8 months and presenting it for a few weeks and have received nothing but praise,” he confirms.

Moreover, many spectators said they wanted to reacquaint themselves with the works of this French language icon after attending this moving show.

“For me, it is the most beautiful musical,” said one viewer in a “Vox Pop” song circulating on social networks. “Everything shocked me.”

Another says: “You should have dared to present Molière in this way, she is so powerful and so successful.”

Moved by these testimonies from spectators, Petittum asserts that in staging this show, the goal was to “reinvent the musical,” which, he says, explains the audience’s unrest.

“Normally, it’s just music, and in this case, we chose rap, slam, singing and dancing,” he says, impressed. “As someone who grew up with hip-hop culture, I’m more than ready for this show.”

Comprehensive preparation

The artist did not initially audition for the lead role and had to prepare to play Molière when he finally got the role. Petittum had to study the French playwright in depth, but he also modified his style to remain true to the role.

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“I read his works, and I went to the Comédie Française to see plays,” he explains. “I’m full of it.”

France Press agency

Although there is a large body of writings, Petitum, as well as its director, realized that there was very little information about Molière’s personal life, which made character study somewhat difficult.

“So we built Molière as we imagined him and Molière in the modern era,” he says. “We have Molière doing acrobatics, dancing, but we got as close as possible to his true story.”

France Press agency

An album is in preparation

Petittum’s roadmap shows his desire to play on several levels at the same time, as a singer and dancer.

However, among these feelings, music is the one that occupies him the most. The young multi-disciplinary artist is also preparing an album that will be released soon.

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“We scream our lives into the music,” he says. “I have a lot to say on this album and that’s why I’m taking my time too.”

Watch the full interview in the video above.