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Annie Villeneuve announces that she is pregnant

Annie Villeneuve announces that she is pregnant

Annie Villeneuve surprised everyone on Thursday morning, February 15, by announcing the best news: she's pregnant!

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The singer revealed on her Instagram account that she and her lover expect the stork to arrive in the coming months. We understand from the few lines you wrote that this is a beautiful surprise for lovers, but it fills them with joy!

Read his announcement here:

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“Sometimes we make a plan for our life, but it decides otherwise and surprises us!
Therefore, I write these lines with great happiness and excitement.
My boyfriend and I are expecting a baby in the coming months.
Yes! There's a little baby growing in my belly!
We know how lucky we are, and we make the most of every moment.
Come on, let's adjust the life plan now! wrote the woman who, 20 years later, graced the stages of the Bell Center and the Videotron Center with the Star Academy group.

Remember, Annie is actually the mother of Leah, the 10-year-old born from her previous union with herC Guillaume latindress. The latter also commented on his ex-partner's post to congratulate her and confirm that their daughter will be a “very happy older sister.”

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In addition to Guillaume, there are many subscribers and friends, such as Marie-Yves Janvier, Marie-May, and Mahe Paimenttook the time to congratulate the parents-to-be by commenting on the post which, at the time of writing, had only been online for a few minutes.

It was in April 2021 that the translatorH to fall in the water She secretly announced on Facebook that she had found love again. Recently, at the end of January, just a few weeks ago, she revealed rare secrets about the person who makes her heart beat in an interview on our pages.

Congratulations to the little family!

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