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Les vaccins anti-Covid diminuent significativement le risque de décéder de la Covid-19. © Leigh Prather, AdobeStock

People who have been vaccinated have a 14 times lower risk of dying from Covid-19

Covid vaccines are designed to reduce infection and disease severity. It is effective! Health authorities in Los Angeles, a city in California hard hit by the pandemic, are reclaiming the pedigree.

Among the arguments against Vaccines To combat Covid, its lack of effectiveness often appears. It is based on the observation that vaccinated people are almost always infected or hospitalized. What is a file vaccination ? The Vaccines They are unable to prevent infection and hospitalization systematically. No medicine is 100% effective, and vaccines are no exception. Whether it’s Pfizer,AstraZeneca or talkVaccines are designed to greatly reduce the risk of infection or hospitalization. In this, all those who are managed in France completely fulfill the contract.

Practically no deaths among those vaccinated in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Public Health Authorities They analyzed health data for about 1,300,000 cases of Covid in California since the start of the pandemic. Thus, they determined that a vaccinated person is four times less likely to contract the coronavirus than an unvaccinated person. RateDropp off In California’s unvaccinated population there are 243 cases per 100,000, and only 66 cases per 100,000 of the fully vaccinated population.

Vaccines are more effective in preventing severe forms of Covid-19, and thus hospitalization. Fully vaccinated people are 14 times less likely to be hospitalized than those who have only been partially vaccinated or not at all. There is less than one hospitalization per 100,000 of the vaccinated population, and there are almost no deaths.

These observations reflect data from clinical trials: Vaccines are more effective in preventing severe forms of infection. Vaccination will not completely stop the spread of the coronavirus, but will prevent healthy people without comorbidities Apparently, to die of it.

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