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Workspace, learning arena? (mono hito keto)

UHFP 2023

Workspace? “It’s a great tool for building and shaping behaviors, work styles, and learning styles,” explains Marie Durand Yamamoto, consultant at Mono Hito-Kito, in a video interview conducted on the university’s sidelines. Winter vocational training.

by Center Info – Mar 29, 2023.

“Mono, hito, and koto are three Japanese words,” explains Marie Durand Yamamoto. Mono means tangible thing. What we can touch, and therefore space, and furniture. Hito is the man. Humans and the behaviors associated with us. “And Koto,” most private. It is the subject, but it is the concept, the idea we have of something. And so I connect it, and I work it out like a collective imagination. »

What is the narrative environment?

narrative environment It is an idea that consists in saying that the environment is the engine of the collective narrative “, the consultant continues. In other words, the design approach that we will have ” Upstream stage, which is a stage of in-depth study of population organization that we will design. And so we finally have the stage of listening and writing a collective vision which will then be translated through spaces, through volumes, through furniture. »

How can you learn the workspace?

Marie Durand Yamamoto asserts that space is, by its very nature, a playground. recognized, ” One puts there the intention he wants. “Workspace Above All” A great tool for building and ultimately shaping behaviours, work styles and learning styles. “A special feature of the space it allows” So much for touching the body and emotions. It can be used to create a framework and other means of learning and process. »

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