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Eric Duhaime should join Poilievre's team

Eric Duhaime should join Poilievre's team

The Conservative Party of Canada is likely to cause a tidal wave, if we are to believe the voting intentions that have put it ahead according to several successive polls. However, this trend does not appear to be confirmed in Quebec. The truth is that Quebeckers remain skeptical about Pierre Poilievre's magic, as well as his strategy and proposals.

Despite rising polls, he still ranks third in voting intentions in Quebec, behind the Liberals and the Bloc Québécois. This situation is far from what we observe in other governorates.

How do we explain this resistance? Does this conflict with the new leader's way of doing things? Is this a reaction to the fact that, unlike his predecessors, he refuses to adapt his strategy to Quebec? Or is it just a fierce desire to win elections without taking Quebec into account? It's hard to say.

What is certain is that the Quebec Conservative caucus is very discreet, even absent, from the media scene. Aside from Pierre-Paul Hus, the Quebec lieutenant who supported Pierre Poilievre during the leadership race, other members of the caucus are rare. Perhaps the challenge is visibility, and to address this, Pierre Poilievre must attract new, strong personalities who fully assume his positions, to carry his voice and his vision. A character that immediately comes to mind: Eric Duheim.

It is undeniable that the Quebec Conservative Party faces internal and external difficulties. These difficulties are not due to the poor performance of its leader, but rather to the lack of consensus among activists, which makes management and positioning extremely complex.

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We can therefore conclude, without being mistaken, that Eric Duheim has a more promising political future than his current party. However, it needs a new political tool, and the Federal Conservatives may be that tool. It is a convergence of interests, positions and ideologies. The stars seem to be pointing towards a political turning point that could radically change the situation for the Conservatives, both at the federal and provincial levels.