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Grand bien-cuit by Michel Charette: Much more than wholesale jokes

Grand bien-cuit by Michel Charette: Much more than wholesale jokes

For Great Comedy Well Cooked! By Michel Charette, the actor’s friends and guests have been able to steer clear of easy gags about his weight, or rather, his old age. The topic is brought up, but always well done and, above all, without falling into repetition.

No matter what points were fired in his direction, Saturday night at the Grand Théâtre de Québec, the actor and comedian was a fake-out who didn’t hesitate to revive those who had mocked him as part of his thorough cooking.

Michel Charette paved the floor for the first time One man showwhich it is currently preparing. This first solo show was also the subject of jokes from fellow comedians. The rest of his career was screened; From Radio Enver to boys to theater and roles on the small screen.

Guests never fail to emphasize the actor’s annoying stumbling habit, and this is even when his role doesn’t call for it. The audience laughed at the videos of him falling.

With those who made life difficult for him throughout the evening, Michel Charette shone when it came time to take his place behind the podium and give change to his teammates.

Designated facilitator

The option to go with Phil Roy as host couldn’t have been better. His sense of self-mocking, especially regarding his weight and physical shape, set the stage for the most engaging take on the kind of humor one would expect from watching Michel Charette mature.

However, the host avoided repetition, ridiculed the actor and comedian throughout his career and touched his personal life, and always paid attention to the other seven guests sitting on the stage.

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old friend

Vincent Bolduc is an old friend of Michel Charette and allowed himself to turn towards his younger years to mock him. The person who went to the Hurricane clearly had a party feel and didn’t hesitate to show their artist union card when they came out; A joke that made him react well.

In Good Taste, Bolduc criticized his old friend’s weight and old eating habits, stating that he was “cooler” when he wasn’t taking care of himself. The griller greeted it all with his head held high before complimenting his physique and bravery on those who mocked him.

Gildor Roy: Brilliant

Michel Charette saw his turn arrive with enthusiasm when actor and comedian Gildor Roy took turns cooking for the other guests. The wait wouldn’t be in vain for the face of the evening, who bided his time while his former teammate was. boys 4 Continue his case.

Gildor Roy was excellent when it was his turn to roast his friend Michel Charette.

Marcel Tremblay / QMI Agency

Michel Charette’s wife, Marie-Claude, who was seated in the front row, was not spared the gags of Gildor Roy. The latter ends his number by saying a few words in Spanish; A reference to the origins of women.

“There, you wouldn’t have the option of speaking to your mother-in-law,” he said to his friend, in French, before giving way to Real Beland.

Corporal Carroll

Sylvie Turini added shimmery shoulder pads to her character Carol’s usual beige turtleneck.

Before attacking all the guests with his icy air, the comedian had the audience laughing when he mistook Michel Charette for Michel Barrett.

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The star of the evening didn’t have to wait long to be served into the oven. When Carol looked at her profile, she made sure to go on about her entire career, as empowering her roles in theater as she is on the small and big screen.

Real Biland

Réal Béland brought back a character who seemed so dear to Michel Charette’s heart, to the delight of the audience. A regular on ComediHa! 2023 was at the top of his game as he donned an orange wig and bodysuit, offering absurdity, humor, and arrogance to his dear friend, as well as all of the guests.

Michel Charette was a very good performer during the comedy major championship!.

Real Biland.

Marcel Tremblay / QMI Agency

From actor to comedian without a complex

Even if Vincent Guillaume Otis doesn’t usually wear a comedian’s hat, nothing is what it seems. Charismatic, eloquent and, most definitely, with a great sense of humor, the actor who stood out in the movie Babina He arrived ready to put his friend Michel Charette on a spit.

The audience and guests, especially the main interested party, were all delighted with the number of the 45-year-old actor.

“As in District 31, you stole the show!” the roast barked to his interlocutor.

Vincent Guillaume Otis walked the more personal side of his relationship with Michel Charette by talking about their joint ventures and hunting lessons they took together, and finished by showing him his love and respect.

The crowd gave him a standing ovation as he returned to his seat.

Jessica Parker Don’t miss the target

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Rouge FM co-host Michel Charette, Jessica Parker, has hit the nail on the head. She is best known for her role in ValiantIn the 1990s he highlighted the main interested party in his radio shows and his qualities as an absent father, to thunderous laughter at the Quebec Grand Theatre.

The complicity between Michel Sharett and the person who wore it was evident, especially when I went in there with a muzzle on his wife.

‘That must be why your girlfriend did her law;’ she told him, before he burst out laughing.

Daniel Savoy, or Patrice Lemieux

Taking his place on the podium after Jessica Parker, Daniel Savoy decided to attack the physique of his interlocutor by embodying his character Patrice Lemieux, an eloquent hockey player.

Always a good-natured comedian, as his character is accustomed to us, he poked fun at all possible expressions, while poking fun at the famous Po-Paul character, embodied by Michel Charette in boys.