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Pays d’Ancenis: Espace Entreprendre is expanding his career

Pays d’Ancenis: Espace Entreprendre is expanding his career

The Pays d’Ancenis Community of Municipalities (Compa) has just invested €2.4 million in a new entrepreneurship space to better guide, inform and support project leaders in the region. If initially intended to facilitate the creation phase of projects, it now intends to be open to the different stages of a company’s life.

Of the 398 construction or acquisition projects registered in Pays d’Ancenis in 2022, 330 were supported by Espace Entreprendre partners. © Kumba Nathalie Gauthier

It was established in 2015 with a building area of ​​250 square metres2 In the Aéropôle region of Ancenis-Saint-GéréonEntrepreneurship district of Pays d’Ancenis It aims to “become the single entry point to facilitate the journey of project leaders in the region,” says Jean-Pierre Bailly, Compa’s vice president in charge of economic development. The idea is to allow them to access all the partners in the economic world in one location: lawyers, accountants, consular chambers, associations of former leaders, financial aid organizations, the social and supportive economic network… a way to create the conditions for success upstream and downstream of the creation of the company. »

The formula quickly found its audience and over the years Espace Entreprendre du Pays d’Ancenis found itself experiencing “an increase in attendance”. In 2022, out of 398 construction or acquisition projects registered in the Pays d’Ancenis, 330 projects were supported by Espace Entreprendre partners.

So much so that Compa decided to invest 2.4 million euros in new equipment. In 2021, renovation work began on the 725 m2 building2 It was completed before the summer.

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Free co-working space

The new Espace Entreprendre has been in operation since July and offers a more modern, bright and functional environment. If its primary mission was to guide and support business creators and buyers, it now also aims to combat the isolation of managers with a co-working space created right next to the reception desk. A service that is freely accessible to entrepreneurs, but only during the implementation of their project. “This provides them with the opportunity to meet, exchange and create opportunities. All in a professional environment and not alone at home.” Once their projects are launched, project leaders are then directed to other coworking spaces in the Pays d’Ancenis: Hub 11, Hacoona, and Maison Bonne Heure , etc.

Entrepreneurship space in coworking

Entrepreneurs can access the coworking space for free, but only while implementing their project. © Kumba Nathalie Gauthier

Room to accommodate business networking

The new building also houses dedicated meeting rooms and offices for various existing support structures. The latter use it by appointment, via a reservation system, to receive project leaders.

On the upper floor, there is a new 80-seat modular room that can accommodate business networking events (CJD, Apage, Initiative Pays d’Ancenis, etc.). “Here again, the goal is that new entrepreneurs do not find themselves alone, that they form a network and that the region comes to nurture new projects in a certain way,” emphasizes the elected official.

Thematic breakfasts and exchange of experiences

Within this logic of support, Espace Entreprendre also offers project leaders a rich program of activities: from information mornings to thematic breakfasts, including workshops to exchange experiences…
If initially the entrepreneur space only supported the launch or acquisition of a company, today the scope of her skills has expanded dramatically: “The idea is no longer actually to limit her field to the gestational stage, but to open it up to everyone.” The post-creation stage, or even to the different stages of the company’s life, as Jean-Pierre Pillay emphasizes. A way to become a model for economic development in the Pays d’Ancenis region, but also to connect local actors, networks and business clubs, which shape the vitality of the regional economic fabric. »

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Note that Kumba’s economic development department has also moved into the same building. “It is another way to get closer to all our partners and simplify exchanges between society and economic players in the region,” concludes Jean-Pierre Pelliel.


36 Dead End Louis Blériot, ZA de l’Aéropôle, 44150 Ancenis-Saint-Géréon.

Open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 12:30pm and 1:30pm to 5pm. Tel: 02 61 68 01 24.