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Algeria Telecom presents new customer area details

Algeria Telecom presents new customer area details

Algeria – Algeria’s general telecom company, Algeria Telecom, provides details of the new version of the proposed customer space. We bring you all the information contained in this issue of March 6, 2022.

Algeria Telecom launched, on February 13, 2022, a new version of the customer area. Now, the carrier is providing details of this update. This is what the site says to express.

In fact, the company has confirmed that the new version of the customer space that was launched is now up and running. And that’s since it was implemented on Sunday, February 13 of this year. In the same context, Algeria Telecom confirmed that this service works perfectly without the slightest problem. In any case, it is according to the previous source.

to me As a demonstration, Algeria Telecom revealed statistics to support its statements. Thus, the company revealed that a large number of customers have already been registered in this space. In detail, it is about 56,000 visits made at present.

Algeria Telecom: More details about the customer area

At the same time, Algeria Telecom sent specific instructions to its customers. In particular, those who have difficulties accessing specialized space. Thus, the company called to check the conformity of the entered data as well as to ensure its correctness.

Moreover, if the customer forgets his password, he can easily create a new one. to me In this regard, Air Algerie specifies that it is sufficient to use the email address used to create the account in question. At least that’s what the same media source indicated.

In addition, it is important to remember that users can, at any time, consult the customer area through this link. or through website AT by choosing the section customer area ». Finally, for any request for assistance or information, Algerie Telecom puts the number 12 at the service of its customers.

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