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Patrice Bergeron has proven (again) that he has a formidable class

Patrice Bergeron has proven (again) that he has a formidable class

Patrice Bergeron is one of the most respected players in the NHL, and he’s nothing new. His outstanding leadership stands out which is why he is proving to be an excellent leader in the best league on earth.

You would probably agree with me that Kickers are generally a good person in life because of the values ​​they bring to life. It seems like more than that…wait till you see the following before you get the idea.

Patrice Bergeron is not a good person, but an excellent person. The Bruins veteran took the time during a match against the Sabers to chat with Tage Thompson… about the latter’s wife. A cancerous mass was removed from Ms. Thompson’s leg in 2019, and Quebec took the opportunity to hear it.

Bergeron has shown, once again, that he has a formidable class.

Note, in the case of Taj Thompson’s wife, that cBoth of his bone scans since the surgery have come back with a “cancer-free” result. Thus, additional monitoring will not be necessary if its next analysis in the summer of 2023 comes clean.

Obviously, this is supposed to be good news for her, but also for her husband.

It’s hard to reprimand anything to an individual like Bergeron. We also remember that he (really) wasn’t happy with Bruins’ decision in the Mitchell Miller case, and the captain was clearly not shy to say he wasn’t at odds with management.

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Patrice Bergeron may be a leader on the ice, but he appears to be far from the ice. Perhaps that’s what makes him one of the most impressive players (or if not) on the Pitman circuit.

At least, my love for the main interested party rose (again).

Many of

– Absolutely.

– Encourage.

Good listening.

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– Come on…