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Alouettes: Late decisions by Thorpe who could succeed Maciocia

Alouettes: Late decisions by Thorpe who could succeed Maciocia

MONTREAL – That wasn’t why Montreal Aloette lost in the Eastern Final, but we learned during the review that defense coordinator Noel Thorpe was sometimes slow to move his pointers between matches.

This information was mentioned by Adarius Beckett, Montreal’s best defensive player this season, without even being asked about this particular element.

“I find that men have not always been put in the right places. In addition, some calls for defensive schemes have come in belatedly,” identified Beckett who considers that Toronto planned its actions to get him off the ground.

It is not important that this confidence comes from Beckett. Because, in addition to being a great player, he participates as a coach in his alma mater (UC) whenever he gets the chance.

The obvious question was whether this case indicated a problem that should be blamed on the defense coordinator.

“It could be, I don’t know…,” Beckett simply replied who was asked to give his opinion of Thorpe.

“He’s a good coach, we talk to each other regularly about what he sees and feels,” said Pickett, who will be able to negotiate firmly with Aluette, or any other club, after his stellar season.

The topic was worth discussing with another defensive player to try to see it more clearly and here is the interpretation of the thief Marc Antoine Decoy.

Dickey reacted without noticing his slip, which we will return to: “This is not new, we have dealt with it since Noel Thorpe was the head coach.”

“He’s known for pushing the chosen strategy to the last second. He wants to see the opposing formation before he does that. We’ve had to learn to play this way even if it’s certain that, as a defense, you’d rather receive instructions more quickly,”

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“It’s not a huge factor, but it can change a few things. However, I don’t think it is an important component of this defeat.”

If Beckett’s comment mattered, Decoy’s slip might indicate that the identity of the next coach is beyond doubt.

“Did you say the scoop? No, it wasn’t announced,” DeQuay replied with a laugh.

On a more serious note, Decoy commented on the file he was leaving in the hands of Danny Macciusia.

“That’s the big question, he’ll definitely have a chance to do that. Does he want this? I don’t know, he’s been on defense for a long time and he’s a great defensive coach. I wouldn’t have any problem with him being the head coach, I know what he’s looking for. Only Danny can.” respond to that.”

William Stanback ran back on the whole thing for a very simple reason. In addition to Noel Thorpe, Anthony Calvilo and Andre Bolduc are internal candidates. Stanback was a fitting source to talk about Bolduc, his position coach.

“I see him as a father and he sees me as a son. We are close, we text each other even in the off season. I’ve never had a coach like him, he just let me be myself. When I arrived he didn’t try to change my style on the pitch or the way I acted. That’s what “I need. I need a coach who continues to motivate me and allows me to express myself. I will agree that he has become the head coach,” Stanback said.

But the priority for Stanback remains that way.

“Someone who can lead us to great honors and has the right approach to overcoming challenges along the way. We don’t need distractions in our organization, we have many things to deal with.

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“As Stanback said, we don’t know who will become the coach, except we don’t want it to be a distraction. We would like to finally be able to focus on football, it’s really hard to win matches.”

At that moment, Decoy spoke without a filter.

“I don’t want to throw out names, but the organization world was distracted, speaking on Twitter, fired Dequoy, targeting minority owner Gary Stern who has been turned away more than once on social networks. But he is the one who pays me so I have nothing against him.”

In front of the media, the players maintain restraint and we can understand them. On the other hand, he should not be mistaken, 2022 was a very difficult year with many changes and turmoil.

“Of course it wasn’t a perfect year, but I’m really proud that we, as an organisation, were able to put that aside to win a playoff. It really hurts to be so close to the Gray Cup except when I look back, I’m proud of everything,” said Dekoy.

“But I admit that it will be interesting to be able to focus on football next season.”

We didn’t want to disappoint him, but Alouette has had to deal with a lot of ups and downs, especially since the departure of Mark Triestman. With a new coach and the possibility of the team being sold again, it would be great if 2023 was all about football.

“We make jokes about that but we could have made a documentary with everything that happened, all the changes. We could have broken down and I think that says a lot about the strength of character of our players. It was easy to use the excuse of changing the coach, and I’m proud of the players, Almundo Sewell said.

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“However, as many of the big names have said, if we did not lift the Gray Cup this year, it was our fault. Everything was in place to win.”

front row lesson

Of course, defeat remains bitter for the defensive players.

“It was an assignment error that brought them down (at 2e Tried and 1 yard) and we lost by landing. It is very difficult when such things happen. “I wouldn’t put anything away from Toronto who played very well, but it’s hard to swallow when you lose to a player who was completely free,” said Dekoy.

“You also have to understand that even though they were just doing different types of trap passes, they were able to complete a lot of plays and cross the field. It requires a lot of introspection and questioning,” the man admitted, who was glad he was able to establish himself as a starter while He wants to become more useful against sweat.

For Sewell, elimination was decided against Toronto on October 22.

“We had the opportunity to take the division title and I’ve been recommending the importance of that privilege often in the locker room, since day one. It’s a huge advantage, but we missed that opportunity,” Sewell said regretfully as Toronto beat Montreal 24-23 in one game. .