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Outlook for 2024: These jobs could see a bigger salary increase

Outlook for 2024: These jobs could see a bigger salary increase

Workers in Quebec are supposed to receive an average salary increase of 3.7% in 2024, but some could benefit from a more attractive increase than others, according to an update from the Ranking of Certified Human Resources Consultants.

“Increase expectations for 2024 are still very high compared to historical normal rates. Even sectors of activity at the bottom of the league table are planning to offer increases this year which would make it possible to maintain purchasing power of its workers.

As announced in September, these projections remain higher than those of the past 15 years and remain in line with the 3.5% granted in 2023.

However, some trades may have a higher than average increase. This is especially true for the primary sector, the resource sector, i.e. agriculture, forestry, fishing, energy, mining, oil and gas and the professional, scientific and technical services sector with a forecast of +4.1%.

After a 5.2% jump last year, the information and communications technology sector will see a smaller increase, as will those working in wholesale and retail trade, transportation and warehousing.

At the bottom of the list in recent years, public administration employees are expected to see projected increases of 3.9%.

“The public sector is in catch-up mode. Even if overall wages remain generous, particularly because of pension plans, salaries will have to increase sooner or later to maintain the attractiveness of the public sector as an employer,” Ms. Poirier commented.