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A former security guard with roaming hands has pleaded guilty to assaulting a journalist in a Quebec court

A former security guard with roaming hands has pleaded guilty to assaulting a journalist in a Quebec court

A young man guilty of making sexual advances while working as a security guard at Quebec's Museum of Civilization saw his criminal record increased Monday when he admitted taking part in the assault of a journalist.

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Gabriel Chabot-Jagny, 24, went to Quebec court on April 3, 2023 to appear in connection with the events at the museum.

Unhappy at being photographed by a Radio-Canada judicial journalist, he approached the latter to ask if there was a problem, then slammed his phone, eventually hitting him on the shoulder.

The journalist, who duly identified himself, was allowed to take pictures as part of his duties due to his presence in an area designated for this purpose. He was not hurt.

The accused was arrested by special constables and directed to a room where he overturned a table and damaged the plexiglass.

While his presence was required on Monday morning, Chabot-Janey, who was at large during the proceedings, participated in the hearing via video. “Public transportation problems” were cited to explain his personal absence.

He admitted the incidents and pleaded guilty to assault and mischief charges. His punishment will be known later.


Recall that the Levisian is currently awaiting his punishment in relation to his reprehensible behavior when he was a security guard in October 2022 at the Museum of Civilization.

Last November, he pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual interference and one count of sexual assault.

According to the factual framework presented before the court, he was walking around young women and deliberately hitting them while wearing his security guard uniform.

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One victim was hit four times in the buttocks “even though there was enough room to pass further.”

He is also accused of touching a 13-year-old girl's buttocks while she was at a video arcade.

“It was more intense each time. At first, it was just touching the buttocks, but then, it was the entire back of the body that he touched,” the prosecutor explained.

Chabot-Gagné had just been hired by the Garda contractor a few days earlier and was quickly dismissed from his position after complaints were received.

The crimes committed against him involved three victims, including two minors, but the Crown indicated that it had incriminating surveillance videos showing eight other victims who were likely minors and two other adults.

This evidence may be presented to the court during sentencing, which will be scheduled for April 4.