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Outlast Trials early access launches on Steam

The highly anticipated The Outlast Trials is entering early access for everyone on Steam now. Quebec studio Red Barrels follows up on the successes of Outlast and Outlast II with a new formula based around collaboration, but with the same gory horror.

Photos provided by Red Barrels

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Single Players Don’t worry, all of The Outlast Trials content can be completed solo, and that will only increase the challenge if that’s what you’re looking for.

In this opus, the player embodies a character that he can create and customize as he wishes. You are captured by the series’ recurring villain, Murkoff Corporation, in order to give you the ultimate survival experiences, eventually transforming into a sleeper agent and reintroducing yourself into society.

After the tutorial, the player finds himself in a file center Where he can interact with other players, buy upgrades for his character, and prepare for the next game Trials. One of the new features added since the game’s beta is more customization, including the ability to customize your room at the Morkoff Institute.

He outlasts the red barrels trials

An interesting aspect of the hub is the fact that the exit door is in the centre, very close to the players, but inaccessible until all trials are complete. However, this can be done in a few hours, as currently the game only has three distinct levels, which are the police station, the orphanage, and the amusement park. Red Drums, of course, plans to release new content periodically.

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The Outlast Trials is a horror game, but the introduction of multiplayer is a game-changer. You can play alone and have the same kind of horrific experience as the first two games, or play co-op where you might be less scared, but things get messier.

Although the amount of content may seem small, it should be noted that Early Access works on previewing the final game, and allows players to participate in development by providing feedback to developers.

We can’t wait to see and hear how the detectors (players) perform in the Murkoff Beta Program during Early Access. Outlast Trials. Player feedback is essential at this point to allow us to deliver a more accurate and balanced game. Outlast Trials It is our most ambitious release yet, and we will continue to improve the game until we feel it fulfills our original vision.

Philip Morinco-founder of Red Barrels

He outlasts the red barrels trials

Early access to Outlast Trials is available On Steam for $38.99 CAD

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