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The AirPods Pro 2 have better noise reduction than their headphones

Carl Pei tried a video test of AirPods Pro 2. The note is clear, if Nothing Ear (2) is more authentic, then Apple headphones are better for noise reduction and transparent mode.

AirPods Pro 2 // Source: Tristan Jacquel for Frandroid

Few tech leaders share their opinions on competing brands’ products. However, for a few months, Carl Pei, founder of Nothing, dedicated himself to the practice. On the manufacturer’s YouTube channel, he had the opportunity to give his opinion on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, OnePlus 11, and iPhone 14 Pro.

The latest video of this kind goes a little further since Carl Pei has now attacked another giant, but in the field of audio: the AirPods Pro 2. It must be said that nothing has been presented, for a month, a new pair of wireless headphones include Also has an active noise reduction function, namely Nothing ear (2).

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If these videos remain primarily a means of communicating with none fanatics, they are not without information about product design. Above all, Carl Pei seems bona fide, and despite his position as a competitor against dominant brands like Samsung or Apple, he generally understands when other manufacturers’ products are better than the alternative offered by Nothing.

The best noise reduction in AirPods Pro 2

In this case, about the AirPods Pro 2, Carl Pei notes that “Some of the best noise canceling headphones I’ve ever tried“with noise reduction”Much strongerCompared to the first AirPods Pro. He even admits that noise reduction is “slight“Better on AirPods Pro 2 than on Nothing Ear (2), but the transparent mode is”Much betterOn Apple headphones more than nothing.

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none ears (2)
Ear Nothing (2) // Source: Chloe Pertwiese – FRANDROID

On the design side, Carl Pei highlights the most daring choice of transparency in nothing in the face of a very sober product on AirPods, despite the many difficulties posed:

It’s easy to make something like the AirPods Pro 2. It’s a little more complicated to make something transparent like Nothing ear (2). We have often considered giving up. The main concern is that there are a lot of transparent elements, and when that is the case, it should not only look good on the surface, but also on the inside, as any dust will be visible. Our manufacturing wizard is crazy. If you visit production lines there is as much humidity as there is in the rainforest with a central humidifier coming out brown and most stations have their own humidifiers to make sure the dust is settled.

Overall, as usual, Carl Pei is very honest, even if he’s obviously going to preach to his congregation by pointing out that Nothing Ear (2) is more creative and more effective in differentiating themselves from the many AirPods buyers. Another interesting point, the founder of Nothing notes that his headphones are mostly used by iPhone owners, ahead of Android smartphone owners.

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