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Our book reviews for this week

Our book reviews for this week

What are you reading this week? Below are the suggestions made by our journalists.

Hexa : Planters of hope

” in HexaThe novelist explores new territories. But what it has to tell us has not changed: to save the planet – and ourselves – we can no longer ignore that humans are part of something bigger than themselves, that they are part of this ecosystem, and that they can be its benevolent custodians. “Our journalist Iris Gagnon Paradis writes.

About the Wood Stove – Selected parts of the true story told by Matanti Boyle: For the love of playing

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Around the Wood Stove – Selected portions of the true story told by Matanti Boylel Catherine Saint Laurent

“You will come out of this reading more educated with at least a few delicious anecdotes. But, above all, you will leave feeling happy. From the (two) kings whose lives were snatched away by door frames to the astonishing saga of the Holy Crown of Hungary, the author narrates, in the language of… A fun and exhilarating oral at the same time, 25 legends drawn from different eras,” writes our journalist Audrey Ann Place.

Bar Italia 90 : Turin friendships and nostalgia

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Bar Italia 90l Mattia Scarpulla

“This novel by a young author of Italian origin residing in Quebec, sails between the past and the present, between the province of La Belle and Turin, where a group of young people in their thirties reinvent the world in their friends’ bar,” writes our journalist Laila Maalouf. .

Recently arrived at the bookseller

Of all the books that have hit bookstores recently, here are a few that caught our attention.