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Oppressive heat: an additional challenge for Morrissey workers

Oppressive heat: an additional challenge for Morrissey workers

A severe heat warning has been issued for many areas of Quebec, including Morrissey. It is an additional challenge for many people who have to work abroad.

The day care yards were empty most of the day. As per government recommendations, it was too hot to take the youngsters out.

The table provided by the Quebec government makes it possible to qualify, with humidity, for the number of times they can be outside with children.

In construction, the days are tough, especially on rooftops. The heat is unbearable at times, while the crack of dark asphalt burgundy can make the feeling of rising to nearly 60°C. On a hot day, Couvreurs 40 owner Mathieu Leblanc was not surprised to learn that morning that he had lost one player, or even several.

In hot weather, we often forget about the janitors, whose mercury in front of the pistons can reach 37°C. Difficult conditions for employees. Pierre Veste, owner of Nettoyeur Sainte-Marie, has found solutions: He’s created pure islands; He asked his employees to slow down and let them leave work early. The heat is unbearable.

Hydration remains the best solution. Fortunately, I’m in the city center. There are many stores that will allow me to fill my own water bottle. The postman at work explains that there are often residents who are generous in this regard and allow me to fill my bottles. In construction, workers can drink four to eight liters of water per day.

All things are good for calming. Le Grill’s chef, Jean-Luc de Champlain, serves frozen food to his staff as well as ensuring water is always available. With Festivoix, despite the sweltering heat, customers are in the city center and the busy period is shorter, but more intense than usual.

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Workers will need to be patient. A severe heat warning will continue through Thursday, according to Environment Canada.