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Homelessness: Noisy campsites in downtown Montreal

“Camp Notre Dame” brings back bad memories for residents and passers-by of Rue Notre Dame in Montreal, when homeless people stormed the area and set up camps along the street in 2020. Three years later, journalist Yves Pourier observed a similar scenario near Saint-Henri metro station in Sud- Ouest.

The journalist spread out in the field, and had not seen such a situation in at least three years. The inhabitants, who have gathered in the area, are dissatisfied with the camps set up by no fewer than ten homeless men.

Tents, food, and BBQ: The little community looks ready to have a good time.

“We are a lovely little family together. Housing is very expensive today. […] A man we met in the area said: “We are homeless.

“I don’t really like being outside. It’s not really welcoming and the accommodation is really expensive,” adds Serge, who says he doesn’t want to go to shelters because of the many thefts.

Southwest responded in writing: “Please note, however, that site cleaning was done by our teams. Other clean-ups are expected. In addition, our partners are in an intervention position with campers to provide support to them and assess camp safety.”

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