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Scandal: The criminal dentist treated Laval Rocket players?

Scandal: The criminal dentist treated Laval Rocket players?


I heard on the radio this morning…

– The criminal dentist treated Laval Rocket players?

– According to auditor Stephanie Gamache-Galant, a dentist who was fired for several bad deeds and who had to pay a $40,000 fine, was he a Rocket Players dentist?

Unable to verify information.

– But if that’s the case…

We hope you don’t clench their teeth without their consent…

Montreal Journal: A Laval dentist has been temporarily disbarred and ordered to pay a $40,000 fine after giving inappropriate treatments to her patients and writing lies on their bills.

“The two parties affirm that these crimes are very serious and are at the heart of the profession because they contradict the basic values ​​of independence, integrity, honesty and integrity,” the disciplinary board of the Dental Association wrote in its decision. Quebec (ODQ).

Future dental clinic owner Dr. Stephanie Gamache-Gallant has been disqualified from her application since June 8 for a period of three months. She was found guilty of 10 counts last month and ordered to pay a $40,000 fine.

“Such behavior undermines the good reputation of all members of the profession, and the public may think it a lucrative and commercial business,” condemns Dr.

False claims

Dr. Stephanie Gamache-Gallant was first convicted of entering false information on a patient complaint form. Significantly, the dentist wrote that the root canal was completed on the guy, when it was fake.

“Professional business bills that are not dispensed or mislabeled are likely to mislead patients or their insurers. Such a practice has the effect of disproportionately increasing the financial burden of insurers, affecting all policyholders who see their premiums increased. Guild warns.

Ms. Gamache-Gallant, who received her doctorate in dentistry from UdeM in 2010, also provided inappropriate treatment to patients. For example, the dentist pulled teeth from a woman’s mouth without real justification and without obtaining her informed consent.

However, a periodontal examination would have shown that alternative treatments existed and that the canines could be saved. […] In the opinion of the parties, a dentist should not take any risk that could endanger his patient’s health without being fully aware of and understanding these risks,” the court document reveals.

“unreasonable” prices

The future dental practice owner was also found guilty of charging “unwarranted and unreasonable” fees to clients to have crowns done in a laboratory.

The dentist also shared her fees with a dental hygienist, which is contrary to her code of ethics.

“She claims that once the plaintiff informed her of the irregularity of sharing fees with the dental hygienist, she terminated it,” can we read in the decision.

Our request for an interview with Dr. Stephanie Gamache-Gallant remained unanswered at the time of publication of this text.