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An outing to the restaurant will not remain without regrets for these customers

An outing to the restaurant will not remain without regrets for these customers

Customers of a Laval restaurant who did not pay their bill during their recent visit to Carlos & Pepe’s have been exposed by the owner of the branch.

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Harold Brunet-Stringer, the businessman who heads the restaurant in Centropolis, has turned to social networking to identify offending customers.

The four men in their twenties failed to pay their bill, which was over $200.

On the same night after the images from the security cameras were released, they were traced.

“An hour later, I had 200 shares on the Mail. I had hundreds of people writing to us, and they already had the names, so we found them,” noting that about 30 minutes was enough to get to know the four clients.

“We had people’s names, Instagrams, and their information.”

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Faced with the enormity of the situation, the group showed up the next day at the restaurant in the heart of Laval to pay their receipt, without tipping the server.

“Well, you see, my ‘partner’ arrived at the restaurant yesterday, and they are [les clients] You may have tried to call, but we are closed during the day. They called in the evening to apologize, and ended up paying the bill.

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However, payment happily did not come, as the group of friends were not willing to pay for their dishes, which were still preparing themselves when they fled.

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“[Quand] They ordered food, and they knew the waiter would order the food back […] They ordered food, they waited there [aille] They went back to order, then left without receiving their plates […] The owner of the Carlos & Pepe restaurant in Laval told journalist Kevin Crane-Desmarais, who assured us that he had not filed a complaint with the police over the young offenders’ gesture.

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Join TVA Nouvelles, one of the clients affected by the crime claims that he regrets what he did, adding that the case has caused him many concerns.

The Association of Quebec Restaurants (ARQ) deplores this type of theft, and calls on restaurateurs to denounce these deplorable situations.

It remains a criminal act, it is theft. For people to leave without paying voluntarily as in the status quo, since it is a criminal act, we recommend contacting the police, so that there is a file, especially in case there are more photos of the perpetrators “, confirms its deputy chief, Martin Vezina.

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*See Kevin Crane’s explanation of Desmarais in the video above*