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France-Australia final at Saint-Tropez Open

France-Australia final at Saint-Tropez Open

Updated on 09/04/2021 to 11:09

Posted on 09/04/2021 11:12 AM

His compatriot Enzo Quacote, seeded No. 1 Benjamin Ponzi of this Saint-Tropez Open, who fell to silver in the quarterfinals, will face Frenchman Hugo Grenier this Saturday afternoon. To a place in the final.
Photo by Jean-Marc Robert

France-Australia final at Saint-Tropez Open

09/04 at 11:12 am

Update 09/04 at 11:09 am

We already know the nationalities of the two finalists who will face each other in a Franco-French semi-final on one side and another semi-final between the Australians on Sunday, September 5 in Saint-Tropez. It is to know their identities …

Gregor Barre announces victory over Belgium’s Kimmer Copenhagen (1-6, 7-5, 6-3) on ThursdayA hell of a match“Come face to face with Thanasi Kokkinakis. And he didn’t think wrong.

The N3 seeded Frenchmen of this Saint-Tropez Open, battling with three sets, were late on Friday evening, finally bowing (6/7, 7-6, 4-6).

Barre, released by Kokkinakis, will make it to the 100 per cent Australian semi-finals on the same Saturday (from 3.30pm). / 4).

So the fight between the Australians, this time one hundred percent French for the semifinals, will see Benjamin Ponzi, who won the N1 seed in this ATP 80 match, face Hugo Greenier this Saturday from 2pm.

Who are the finalists of the first edition of the Saint-Tropez Open? Answers at the end of the afternoon.

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