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on video |  A failed implosion causes massive damage

on video | A failed implosion causes massive damage

What was supposed to be the devastation caused by two smokers exploding, ended badly in Springdale, Pennsylvania, last Friday.

If the first chimney collapses in on itself as expected, the second chimney falls the full length, on its side, causing a shock wave to the ground, and doing much damage in its path.

Numerous homes, businesses, and power lines sustained damage, not to mention numerous debris, broken glass, and dust everywhere, according to local broadcaster KDKA.

A resident whose house was damaged said, “When it hit the ground, it was like a wall of dust and ash… It was like a big cloud, a tornado that was heading toward us.”

The plant was bought by Charah Solutions in 2022 and started to be dismantled in the same year.

The company has helped citizens clean up the mess, but some remain concerned and fear they may have been exposed to asbestos.

“There was about a half inch to an inch of fiberglass insulation and dust. Fiberglass is the worst because it’s in carpeting, on our porches, in clothes…we breathe it in, and we don’t know what to do,” says Citizen Joe Kern.

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Officials said there were no reports of injuries.