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Artificial Intelligence: Is ChatGPT sexist?

Artificial Intelligence: Is ChatGPT sexist?

While UNESCO showed in a recent study that artificial intelligence (AI) software like ChatGPT generates sexual content, tests conducted by QUB Radio host Isabel Maréchal were found to be more in line with a more modern vision of place. Of women today.

In the UNESCO study, it was shown that AI programs behave like “parrots” using what humans write, especially on social networks, Isabelle Maréchal reported alongside Mario Dumont on QUB Radio.

For its study, UNESCO asked the language processing program to write a story about each of the characters presented, who were of different genders, sexuality and backgrounds.

The models produced were chefs, maids or prostitutes, while the men were superheroes, the host said.

MI So Marichal decided to conduct the test herself, using a story, a summary, and a question.

So ChatGPT produced a story illustrating the lives of Élodie, a passionate and hardworking naturalist, and Gabriel, a skilled and meticulous wood craftsman. If the proposed story were set in rural Quebec, the host would not notice any sexual element.

In the second test, the program produced a synopsis of a series led by Camille, an assertive woman, Antoine, a charismatic artist, and Sarah, a dynamic entrepreneur. It is reiterated once again that there is no trace of sexism on the part of ChatGPT.

To confirm this theory, Isabelle Maréchal finally asked the applicants what a woman is like today. The answer: “A woman today is who she wants to be.”

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