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Un Objet Trouvé En Australie Pourrait Faire Partie D'un Vaisseau

Object found in Australia may be part of SpaceX spacecraft

A strange object that appears to be part of a SpaceX spacecraft crashed in rural Australia over the weekend. The rubbish was found at the home of sheep farmer Mick Miners on Saturday (30) morning.

The farmer called his neighbour, Jack Wallace, who asked the Australian Civil Aviation Authority for advice and advised him to contact the US space agency. “I’m a farmer from Dalgety, what am I going to tell NASA?” Wallace said in an ABC TV interview.

Experts point out that the carbon and aluminum debris belonged to a capsule that fell to Earth in May at a speed of about 25,000 km/h. At nearly three meters high, it is the largest piece of space debris documented since debris from NASA’s Skylab station was discovered in Australia in 1979.

“In photographs of debris, you can clearly see the char you would expect from re-entry,” Australian National University astrophysicist Brad Tucker said. “It is very rare to see them, because they usually do not land on land, but in the sea. »

Search by journal The IndependentSpaceX did not comment on the discovery.

According to a recent assessment of the risks to human life from runaway rockets, there is a 10% chance of one or more deaths occurring in the next 10 years, mostly in the Southern Hemisphere.

In March this year, part of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket landed on Brazilian soil. Two months later, a technical analysis confirmed that the debris found in Parana belonged to Elon Musk’s space company.

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