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Nutrition attacks Costco roast chicken

Costco customers told a dietitian of their displeasure after she encouraged her subscribers not to buy the popular roast chicken sold in warehouse stores.

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On the TikTok social network, Courtney Swan posted a video in early February, recommending to her nearly 110,000 followers to “avoid” buying certain meats, including marinated grilled chicken.

To back it up, the nutritionist attacks the chicken ingredient list.

“There is trisodium phosphate, which is a preservative. There is rice starch. Plus, there is sugar!” she said sorry.

The list of ingredients for a product sold in Canada and the United States varies. In our neighbors to the south, we find carrageenan, which “causes digestive disorders,” she says.

It also claims that rotisserie chicken, packed in a plastic container, continues to cook when it finds itself on grocery store shelves. According to him, this means that we are exposed to phthalates.

According to the Montreal Heart Institute, exposure to phthalates carries risks.

“Exposure to higher molecular weight phthalates, such as DEHP, has been associated with increased cardiovascular mortality.”

Fans of this product, all channels combined, didn’t appreciate this nutritionist’s recommendations on TikTok at all.

Many netizens accused her of “exaggerating” the risks associated with this meal, which many Quebecers value.

“You wouldn’t convince anyone not to buy this chicken,” says one user in the comments section.

“I love this product! I can’t wait to redeem myself,” says one surfer.