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Almost half of platform workers do not intend to declare their income

Almost half of platform workers do not intend to declare their income

Nearly half of workers who allow digital platforms such as Uber or Doordash to operate do not plan to declare their income this year, according to a survey conducted on behalf of H&R Block.

According to the survey, 44% of Canadians who received income in 2022 from the platform economy would be willing to take the risk of not declaring it at all when filing their taxes.

The platform economy, called the “gig economy” in English, refers to the income generated by using new digital platforms. They can identify those pocketed by someone who provides meals or transports people, for example, but also money obtained by renting a chalet or a car, or even by offering a dog-walking service. Goods and services sold on platforms such as Marketplace may also fall into these categories.

“While it is easy to imagine that small sums could go unnoticed, by not reporting all income to the TRA, Canadians risk paying all of the taxes they owe if they come under scrutiny, plus severe interest and penalties if they are. warned Yannick Lemay, training specialist at H&R Block Canada.

More broadly, 28% of Canadians said they already have income from the platform economy. The vast majority of people who use these platforms (74%) state that they receive additional income from their main salary. Two-thirds of the respondents said that they consider this a good way to combat the high cost of living.