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Charlevoix now has its own currency

Charlevoix now has its own currency

Basically, Chouenne is the local dialect of the residents of Charlevoix. It is now also a tool for promoting local buying.

The value of the first 250 thousand Chouennes put into circulation will be 20% more than the Canadian dollar at the participating companies.

Then the Chouenne will always be worth 5% more than the Canadian dollar, always with merchants accepting it.

Avoiding the migration of dollars to large centers and the online purchases that are often made in large centers such as Amazon, this was really our primary goal.explains Johann Cote, General Manager of the Charlevoix Chamber of Commerce.

La Chouenne takes the form of 1 Ch, 5 Ch, ​​10 Ch, 20 Ch and 50 Ch tickets, but is also designed to transfer money online.

La Chouenne takes the form of physical tickets, but can also be used to transfer money online.

Photo: Chamber of Commerce Charlevoix

We increase the purchasing power of our citizens from the moment they buy locally

Quote from:Johann Cottier, Charlevois Chamber of Commerce

In addition to boosting the local economy, the currency accepted in 13 municipalities in the region can help reduce pollution.

The more short circuits we make with the products, the less greenhouse gases we produceMrs. Cote argues.

Banknotes are also safe, like Canadian banknotes.

La Chouenne for tourists

La Chouenne can also be used by visitors to the Charlevoix area.

Tourists will be able to take advantage of a 5% discount. They’ll say to themselves, “If I don’t spend all my Chouennes, I’ll have to go back.”Mrs. Côte says with a smile.

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According to the director of the Charlevois Chamber of Commerce, the logo is well received by merchants in the region.

Traders who have not yet registered say: Come visit us, we can’t wait to take part in the movement.”, says Mrs. Cote.

A Chouennes banknote on which we can see a canvas representing a boat.

50 Shun banknote. There is no note for Chouennes higher than this.

Photo: Chamber of Commerce Charlevoix

I think there will be tremendous enthusiasm on the part of the population.

Quote from:Johann Cottier, Charlevois Chamber of Commerce

The first logo of its kind

unlike Other local currencies It is already developed in Quebec, such as Solidarity dollars in Quebec or Demi in GaspésieLa Chouenne was not the initiative of the citizens.

We have a full time project managerMs. Cote explains.

Just over $220,000 was invested to start and further the project.

The concept of local currency is widespread in Europe, and it is the inspiration for the people behind Chouenne.