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Nothing can stop "Floordelize"

Nothing can stop “Floordelize”

Quebecers are going through their best streak of the season, with their seventh straight win on Sunday at Canac Stadium, beating the ValleyCats of Tri-City 15 to 6.

The winning streak began on August 15 against the Windy City ThunderBolts in Crestwoord, a suburb of Chicago. During this streak, “Floordleese” won six of his seven victories in front of a partisan crowd.

It started clicking Trois-Rivières, and it was six games that allowed us to win thanks to our hitting hitters,” said manager Patrick Scalabrine. matter. Then it’s a matter of trust.”

In today’s duel, the home team really took off on their third round at bat. Scalabrini’s men had previously led 4-2, reverberated their sticks, and collected five more points on the board, before adding six more rounds later.

Once again, Quebec’s David Glaud led his team’s attack, which scored four points and three hits, in addition to crossing the board himself once. Louis-Philippe Pelletier also had a solid night on the board, notching four hits, including a home run, as well as producing three points. He has also toured the tracks on four occasions.

“I thought it would be [partie la] More difficult, because it was theoretically their best pitcher. He had a rough night in the office. We hurt him badly. We got ready, Scalabrini added. Without saying that this person took it from us, we wanted to send a message. I never expected to drive them away, the best team in the league in my opinion. that it [une] The thing we did.”

On the hill, Quebec-started Jared Mortensen allowed five of the opposition’s six runs, four of which were won, in six strokes and two hits. Mortensen also hit the dust on five opponents.

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Playoffs on the horizon

Équipe Québec will soon begin the home extension of its regular season, with about 20 duels remaining.

Thanks to this recent success streak, the Scalabrini men have moved closer to a ValleyCats game and to number one in the Atlantic Division. Only the top of each division qualifies for the Frontier League playoffs. The New York Boulders, who are third in the league, are two games behind the leaders.

“Yeah, we think so! That was the big streak I wanted to see, against the best team, at home, to see what we could do, and we got them off. We’re one game away and we’re the most exciting team in the league,” Scalabrini concluded. Just seven in a row. I’m sure the other teams are watching and noticing us.”

Furthermore, Boulders will be the next contender for “Floordleese” in a four-game series that begins on Monday.