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Germain made his critics lie

Germain made his critics lie

Quebec | Before and after announcing the verdict for his fight against Steve Clagett, Matthew German showed a grin of complacency. And with good reason.

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He has just put on one of his brightest shows of his career. Mike Mova’s goalkeeper beat Clagate with precision and clarity.

In addition, he did it the way his opponent did. A mixture of the methods of Miguel Cotto and Bernard Hopkins, as he demonstrated very well after the fight. Instead of moving as he normally does, Germain planted both feet in front of Claggett to score points with his quick sets.

A strategy he formulated during boot camp, which seemed to destabilize Albertan. He could not find a solution to turn the tide during the fighting.

Instead of taking a different approach, Clagett continued fighting the same way. He appeared poorly against Germain in full possession of his means.

In short, Germain lied to his critics who were many before the first bell. Many doubted him, but the boxer responded in the best way. It takes a character to respond in this way.

Questionable degree

Many questioned the score of 97-93 in Clagett’s favor at the end of the match. This is not the first time that the judge’s card has not won unanimous endorsement in boxing history.

In Quebec, it is more rare than anywhere else in the world. In the judge’s defense, it is not always easy to analyze a fight between German and Clagett. Many shots hit several targets.

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It is not known if his angle in relation to the work did not allow him to see which particular groups of Germans made the difference. However, even Clagett was surprised to discover that a judge awarded him the victory.

Newspaper He had a 96-94 card for German.

Torn lawns

During the first fight between Germain and Clagett, promoter Camille Estefan only had one goalkeeper in the ring. Saturday night he had two.

“The hobbyists are the big winners,” said the head of Eye of the Tiger Management (EOTTM). Some of the rounds were hard to spot. Matteo won the battle.

“Seeing the two boxers I have competing made me feel uncomfortable. With this victory and this performance, Matteo saved his career. It was his best fight ever.”

On Clagett’s side, he’s going to have to make changes for the rest of things, according to Estefan.

“For most of his camp, Steve did not have a coach. It is difficult to prepare well in the circumstances. We will sit down with him and suggest that he come and train in Montreal.”

As for the other fights, Estephan is pleased with the performance of Alexander Gaumont, Bree Howling and Clovis Drolet.

“I’m glad Alexander managed to get into rounds in his first professional fight. He faced a tough guy in Michael Miller. As for Brie, her fight with Erica Hernandez was one of the most exciting fights this year. It’s a shame that it only lasted four rounds.

“Finally, for Clovis, we got confirmation that it was a mistake to make him gain 154 pounds in his last fight. We knew he had more gasoline in the tank than he showed.”

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