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Nicole Kidman, 54, is unrecognizable without makeup.

Nicole Kidman, 54, is unrecognizable without makeup.

Nicole Kidman, Is this you? This is probably the first question that comes to mind when we discover two new photos of the actress that she just shared on Instagram. Nicole picked up along with Lulu Wang, Directorexpatriates, a mini-series dedicated to Prime Video. And this time, it’s not because she’s changed Hairdressing It is difficult to recognize it at first sight. But as she naturally exhibited herself, without makeup. We can see her porcelain skin, of course, but also her soft, slightly puffy face…

Nicole Kidman is a different face

Yes, this is difficult to do. Which led her fans to wonder if she wasn’t (yet) abusing Plastic surgery. A few years ago, after long denying any subterfuge, Nicole Kidman54, has already admitted Botox use. But I didn’t like the shape of my face. Now I don’t take it anymore – I can move it again! » She defended herself. Yes, but now, when we see her in today’s photo, we can suspect that she has succumbed to temptation again.

Last year, Dr. Agulu, a plastic surgeon, ruled that an actress cannot undergo various treatments and interventions. On the face and neck. She looks refreshed, perhaps thanks to fat injections into her face, to make up for the loss of volume that occurs with ageHe was diagnosed with from the explosion. This with possible face lift And neck to treat sagging skin, as well as injections under the eyes. »


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