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To Ferrari Barcelona's reference to Aston Martin controversy

To Ferrari Barcelona’s reference to Aston Martin controversy

Aston Martin grabbed the attention with its heavily modified single-seater on Friday. The AMR22 has changed a lot, especially for the shape of the sidepods, which has a direct impact on airflow.

There was talk that only Lance Stroll would benefit from these changes, but eventually Sebastian Vettel could also ride in the new version of the car.

The changes are significant, Stroll admitted in the ring. The aerodynamic assembly has been redesigned, it’s a new philosophy. And we think we’re headed in the right direction, so hopefully the lap times are good.

The team has been working hard for several months so we can ride with him in Barcelona, ​​so there’s excitement in the air.

Indeed, the new AMR22 is being dubbed the Red Bull Green at Barcelona. During their first free practice session, the Red Bull team members sat at the low wall each holding a green bottle of the popular energy drink.

The specialist press was really quick to see the aerodynamic similarities between the Barcelona AMR22 and the Red Bull RB18.

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Sebastian Vettel Aston Martin AMR22 and Red Bull RB18 by Max Verstappen at Barcelona

Photo: Getty Images / Mark Thompson

Drawing on Friday’s free practice, we know Aston Martin is expressing itself better.

Max Verstappen is still far ahead, setting the fifth time in the RB18, 33 hundredths (+0.336) from Charles Leclerc’s reference time (1:19.670). Lance Stroll ranked 13th in time, behind Monegasque by 1.579 seconds.

This first day is encouraging, Stoll said. We are making progress, but we had to be careful today because we didn’t have all the spare parts needed. It is a step in the right direction. It’s okay in the course, but we can still improve the overall balance of the car.

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Vettel finished better with eighth, 1.033 seconds behind Ferrari, behind Sergio Perez’s Red Bull (+0.962). Nothing to worry about the world champion team. There are actually 71 milliseconds between pilots.

After checking out the new single-seater, the FIA ​​gave the green light to Aston Martin about the similarities between the AMR22 and the RB18. All parts comply with regulations.

The Red Bull team responded stating that they were flattered That you copy your car, but detect the slightest transfer of intellectual property (IP) will be very disturbing.

Remember that Dan Fallows, the former head of aerodynamics for Red Bull, has been working for Aston Martin since April.

Nicholas Latifi in the comparative test

At Williams, we anticipated the duel between today’s guest, Formula 2 champion Nick de Vries in 2019, and reserve driver for the Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 team, and Canadian Nicholas Latifi, who may have to give up his leadership.

In the first session, the Dutchman was faster than Latifi, who was evaluating the new components for the single seat. De Vries clocked a time of 1:22.920, as the Canadian failed to land within 82 seconds per lap.

Latifi finished the day with a time of 1:19.197, taking 19th place, unable to improve his position.

Latifi said I’ve been tasked with evaluating a variety of plays. We didn’t bring in new parts, but rather a bunch of parts to evaluate, and we know we still have a lot of problems. During the first practice session, we were far from my usual performance window, and I felt like I had another car in my hand.

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It’s hard to say in these circumstances if Nick de Vries won the duel, but he scored points with managing the British team 18th in the first session.