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Prince Harry: His brief visit to the UK widened the rift with his family

Prince Harry: His brief visit to the UK widened the rift with his family

During his brief visit to the United Kingdom earlier this month, Prince Harry looked forward to the opportunity for family bonding. However, an official response from Buckingham Palace quickly extinguished these hopes. “Unfortunately, meeting is not possible due to Her Majesty's busy schedule.“Understanding, but disappointed, Harry resumed his plan, unfortunately unable to see his father,” he recalled. Glass.

The absence of the meeting caused a veritable media outcry, which exacerbated already high tensions between the Duke of Sussex and the rest of the royal family. According to Richard Fitzwilliams, an expert on royal affairs, “The depth of the rift with the royal family, if possible, deepened after this visitThis report illustrates how The situation is getting more and more complicated.

“Prince Harry needs to present a positive image”

Make time for your son perceived as Meaningful news. “The controversy that followed his visit was very unpleasant. Prince Harry needs to present a positive image“, explains Fitzwilliams. For the Sussex couple, Maintaining a favorable public image is criticalEspecially after the many controversies and media attacks that tarnished their reputation.

Fitzwilliams' advice is clear. “To thrive, not just to survive, they must avoid offending the royal family“, the expert explained. The consequences of their past actions have actually cost them dearly, both in terms of popularity and credibility. Harry and Meghan now have to be very careful about their image And the reaction that public opinion has about them.

Seeing his son again was not a priority for King Charles III

A reconciliation between Harry and his family looks more and more like a utopia. King Charles III's priorities and his ethical obligations prevented him from devoting time to his son, and this situation is felt by few. A sign of differing priorities within the royal family. If Prince Harry's priority is reuniting with his family and especially his father, this may not be obvious to the latter.

Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan continue to try to chart their own path Strengthen their influence and popularity. Their recent 72-hour express trip to Nigeria attracted global attention, illustrating their desire to maintain their relevance and legitimacy on the international stage.

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