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NHL: Sergachev is seriously injured

NHL: Sergachev is seriously injured

After suffering a left leg injury during Wednesday's game against the New York Rangers, Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Mikhail Sergachev wanted to reassure fans on social media.

Pictures of the sequence that led to the root of his problems have spread across the web. The hockey player left the playing surface at Madison Square Garden sitting on a stretcher, crying. In the second period, he was hit near the foot by the blade of Alexis Lafrenière's boot, and his knee appeared to buckle as his foot remained stuck in the crack.

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For the former Montreal Canadiens shortstop, it's another tough blow during a grueling campaign. The match was his first after missing 17 matches due to a problem in his left leg. Nor should his latest adventure help his cause.

“Why now? After all those fights I missed, I'm back to get hurt again. This seems so unfair and terrible to me. I'm trying to stay calm and positive, but it's impossible. I did whatever it took to get here. I guess it's a difficult world to predict.” “He has his own plans, but damn it. I know that I will come back stronger and that I will play harder, but it is difficult now and it will be difficult tomorrow as well.”

“We all fight our battles, and this is mine. I will win as I always do,” he added, thanking the public for their support and the medical team caring for him.

Sergachev has collected 19 points in 34 games this season, while maintaining a -16 lead.

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