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We're not dating Taylor Swift, our women are prettier

We're not dating Taylor Swift, our women are prettier

The Kelce brothers (Jason and Travis) are well-known faces in the NFL.

It's only natural, after all, because we're talking about two of the best players in league history at their positions.

The brothers also have a podcast that is very popular on various social media platforms.

But lately, we mostly hear about the brothers because of their relationship with their girlfriend.

Jason is married to Kylie McDevitt, a woman with over 2 million followers on Instagram…

Travis is dating the famous singer Taylor Swift. And that's basically what I'm going to talk to you about today.

In fact, I'll also tell you about the Foligno brothers (Nick and Marcus) who play in the National League.

During a pre-match interview, the Foligno duo were invited to answer some questions for TNT…and it was Paul Bissonnette who had the “opportunity” to ask said questions.

We know Bissonnette (Biz): He likes to talk about off-the-beaten-path topics, and with that in mind, he asked the Foligno brothers if they were inspired by the Kelsey brothers to launch their own podcast…

Nick's response, speaking on his brother's behalf, was simply sick:

We are not interested. We don't go out with Taylor Swift, our women are prettier! -Nick Foligno

It was clearly all done as a joke and made for a great moment on TV.

The Foligno brothers may be less popular on the international scene than the Kelce brothers…but that doesn't seem to be a problem for Marcus and Nick, who have respectively enjoyed good careers since entering the NHL.

But speaking of Taylor Swift…

The Canadian Children's Foundation has launched an auction and participants can get their hands on a frame with the lyrics written in the singer's handwriting.

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HabsOnReddit (X/Twitter) made the perfect joke to make light of the whole thing…

Saying that Cole Caufield would be the one to offer the most money to win the frame, due to his love for Taylor Swift:

a lot of

-I share the same opinion.

-He has things to learn.

– let's see!

– Pavel Mentyukov returns to the ice.

-Jake Sanderson is not ready to return to the game.