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Cowboys Fringants: “If they announce no offer, it’s because they can’t really do it.”

Cowboys Fringants: “If they announce no offer, it’s because they can’t really do it.”

The Cowboys Fringants postponed all of their fall concerts on Wednesday, as well as their European tour; A tough decision, but one that fans will understand, asserts music columnist Mike Gauthier.

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“I’d like to tell you that the Cowboys have done so much over the years that people will understand why. I’ve seen the Cowboys perform often, and it was always very good. It was always good when Carl sang like crazy and shared the show with the people.” And today, if They announce that there is no offer, it is because they cannot really make the offer,” he explains in an interview in the 8:30 p.m. bulletin.

Singer Carl Tremblay, who is currently battling prostate cancer, announced himself that the band was forced to postpone its concerts in a video clip he posted on his Instagram account.

“Cowboy shows are a lot of work,” Mr. Tremblay points out in his video.

“When we go to see a show on our part, we prepare during the day, go to the restaurant before and after that we go to see the show, and have fun. But the rest of them arrived in the afternoon, did the sound check, hurried over, and did interviews. After that, they have a little time to eat.” Dinner, then they go on stage. And when they get off stage, they can’t go straight to bed. “They stay up for a few more hours, and then tomorrow morning they get back in the car,” Mr. Gauthier explains.

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In some ways, “they’re athletes,” says the music columnist.

For all the details, watch the full interview with Mike Gauthier in the video above.