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NFL Draft: Kentucky overlooked quarterback Will Levis in the first round

University of Kentucky quarterback Will Levis, a first-round projection in the NFL Draft, was passed in the first 31 picks Thursday night.

ESPN analysts Mel Kipper Jr. and Todd McShay both saw the Indianapolis Colts go to the Levies in the latest edition of dummy project.

However, the Colts turned to another quarterback in the fourth in Anthony Richardson of the University of Florida Gators.

Kiper believes Levis is the best player still available as he prepares for the second round of the auction in Kansas City.

At least one team considered Levis’ injury to his left toe “problematic”, according to reporter Chris Mortensen.

Another club believes Levis may have an operation.

However, Levis says the “toe is good and it’s really healed” and he’s ready for the rest of his career.

Levis, who is 6-foot-4 and weighs 229 pounds, has been compared to Buffalo Bills general Josh Allen, thanks to his strong throwing arm and above-average mobility for quarterbacks.

He spent the first two seasons of his NCAA career with Penn State, before transferring to Kentucky for his junior season.

His output as a senior player dwindled from the previous year; He had 2,406 passing yards and 19 touchdowns, compared to 2,826 passing yards and 24 touchdowns in 2021.

In addition, he has only touched down twice in 2022, having hit nine his junior year.

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