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NFL: Matthew Bergeron catches the Falcons 38th in the draft

VICTORIAVILLE – A life-changing plea, sending a wave of pride to Quebec, that evokes the sweetest feelings imaginable in those near it. When Mathieu Bergeron felt his phone vibrate, it meant he became the second-highest-ranking Quebecer in the NFL.

As soon as the Atlanta area code popped up on his phone, which never left his huge hands, the Victoriaville golf room fell into gorgeous silence.

Dozens of relatives did not want to miss every word in this conversation with the Falcon leaders who had just climbed six ranks to secure Bergeron’s services.

Under the influence of emotion, the 23-year-old Quebecer just replied, ” thank you thank you Yes, he was confused, but he couldn’t wait to get off the phone to celebrate with his family.

Then his name appeared on the TV screen, which made people explode with joy. There was unforgettable beauty and the culmination of this touching celebration was Bergeron’s embrace with his mother Annie, his sister Kimberly, and his brothers Mark Arthur and Malcolm.

“It feels unbelievable, I’m really happy. It’s been a year since I imagined this moment and it’s amazing. A draft only happens once in a lifetime. There was joy and a little bit of everything, it’s hard to describe,” Bergeron said of the honor and his selection.

After his four-year sojourn at Syracuse University, Bergeron excelled in the select stages of the Senior Paulthe sum And Pro day And in it he rubs shoulders with the best of his craft.

So his value has soared that his name is a first-round flirt. That scenario narrowly escaped him, except that Bergeron surprised several American experts who instead saw him come out with about 50H rank.

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“You would have told me, last year, that I was going to be 38H Check and I’ll laugh in your face! Bergeron admitted with a smile on his face.

“It’s really great. It shows that football in Quebec is healthy and I hope it inspires young people to pursue their dreams. Anything is possible even if I come from Quebec. Who knows, maybe one day the first choice will be a Quebecer,” added Bergeron, who is only ahead On Chimanga Byakabutoka (8H ranked in 1996).

“Mom’s Corolla will take the edge.”

If Bergeron displays inspiring maturity when contemplating the next generation, he also has a light-hearted side. On this subject, his most amusing answer was correct.

“Maybe my mother’s Corolla (2014) is up front for something a little more family-friendly,” he said with humor and aptness.

His mother, Annie, who often traveled to Syracuse, also thought of her old Corolla. But we especially remember his tears of joy once his eldest son got the call from the Hawks.

“There’s so much emotion. We knew it was going to be today and now we know it’s been a long journey. Matthew is amazing. Not because he’s my son, but he’s exceptional. We’re ready for the next adventure and we just hope we have as much fun.”

“He really persevered through all the stages despite how difficult it was. I’m so proud of him. When I turned around and he was on the phone I couldn’t believe it. I was about to cry,” her sister Kimberly added.

All those close to Bergeron from the world of football were stunned by the moment. As well as they know Bergeron’s talent and potential well, they were aware of the offensive lineman’s feat.

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“I am speechless, Matthew has been working on this for so long. He is an inspiration even to me. He is drafted at 38H “The selection, it’s huge,” Jeffrey Kanteen-Arko, who should be caught next year, reacted.

“It’s unnatural. He’s the highest selection I’ve known in my 34-year coaching career. It’s an amazing moment and I’m proud of the family,” he took aim at Syracuse head coach Dino Pappers, who coached Jimmy Garoppolo notably at Eastern Illinois.

A seemingly perfect destination for Bergeron

Check rank is one thing. But Bergeron was looking for the famous “fit”. In this respect, he seems to have found an ideal destination. Like we said, the Falcons made a deal to recruit him, but the Falcons want to win the run, which is the great strength of Bergeron’s arsenal.

“I’m really happy (ultimately with Atlanta). I’ll add a physical aspect, I’m a big guy who moves really well and they drafted a running back (excellent Bijan Robinson) very early (at eight)H arrangement) so I think their aim is to get the ball running, and we’ll make a good team,” he agreed with a cool look.

One plan that seems plausible with the Falcons is to use Bergeron as a left guard to start his run and move him around to handle his normal position afterwards.

The Falcons were not one of the seven teams visited by Bergeron prior to the draft. Having said that, Atlanta followed him pretty closely.

“I was in contact with them during Senior Paulthe sum Where they took the time to meet me. They came to my country Pro day (in Syracuse) and we had dinner together. I spoke with the offensive line coach (Dwayne Ledford) and we’re having a great time. So I definitely knew Atlanta was a potential and my agent would always say to me, “There’s Atlanta, there’s Atlanta.” “I wanted to be selected at the end of the first round, but I’m really happy,” Bergeron said.

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On Friday evening, he was able to speak briefly with owner Arthur Blank, general manager Terry Fontenot, and head coach Arthur Smith Walidford.

What Bergeron keeps from all of this is that he wants to get back into football mode without delay.

Bergeron concluded, “I now want to focus on playing football starting with attacking the junior camp (around May 12) and finding a place for myself in the formation.”