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New York |  Pres

New York | Pres

Because of its population weight, New York State claims significantly more representation in the U.S. Congress than the other three states bordering Quebec.

Apparently, like the other 49 states, New York sends two senators to Washington. They are Democrats Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. Headquarters Mme Gillibrand is playing this year. “He is widely favored for re-election, but could be challenged in the Democratic primary,” he pointed out. The New York Times In early 2023.

For example, the challenge could come from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Bronx’s most popular and left-leaning representative, or Richie Torres, representative of the East Bronx. At the end of April, Mme Ocasio-Cortez said she “doesn’t plan” to run for Senate in 2024.

The other senator, Chuck Schumer, is up for re-election in 2020. Since he entered the Senate on January 3, 1999, New York has sent only Democratic elected officials to the upper house.

In the House of Representatives, the question is more nuanced.

In the 2022 midterm elections, Democrats were surprised to see Republicans carry 11 of the 26 districts.

In fact, Democrats lost four seats, three of which went to the GOP. The other seat was withdrawn due to the state’s slightly lower population weight compared to other parts of the country.

That could change in 2024, as Democrats, who control most of the state’s top offices, are currently trying to redraw the electoral map.

However, other elements must be considered, indicates Pres Quebecer Antoine Yoshinaka is a professor of political science at the State University of New York at Buffalo and a researcher associated with the Raoul-Tandurant Chair.

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“In the 2022 elections, a Democratic governor, Kathy Hochul, was elected, but by a much slimmer margin (53-47) than in the past,” he says. The state’s attorney general (Letitia James) was re-elected 54-45, which is relatively close for this state. »

Professor Yoshinaka notes that if New York is blue (Democratic), there is a certain dissatisfaction with the elected officials of this party, including the President. “Republicans were able to capitalize on this unpopularity and the crime problem that was so important during the pandemic,” he gives as an example. We hear a lot about this, especially in the suburbs. Therefore, Democrats should be careful and watch the votes favorable to them (youth, unions, ethnic minorities) emerge at the congressional level. »

Head Town: Albany

population: 1 in 19.7 millionR July 2022

Race: White (54.2%), Hispanic or Latino (19.7%), Black (17.7%), Asian (9.6%), First Nations (1.1%)*

GDP Per Capita and Occupied Rank in 2022: $79,434 (2e)

Unemployment rate in 2022: 4.3%

Firearms: 14.5% households

Governor: Kathy Kochul (D)

Weightage in Electoral College: 28 voters

To Congress: 2 senators and 15 Democratic representatives; 11 Republican representatives

* Here the total exceeds 100%. Some respondents identified more than one category.