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The most isolated sheep in the country has been rescued by farmers, in a controversial rescue

The most isolated sheep in the country has been rescued by farmers, in a controversial rescue

Animals – freed by farmers in controversial rescue operation Trapped at the foot of a Scottish cliff for at least two years, the UK’s most isolated sheep has finally found a home. You can watch it in our video above the article. Named Fiona, she was spotted by a woman in a kayak, Jillian Turner, who recently photographed her after seeing her again.

Noticing that the sheep had nowhere to go, Jillian reported the animal in distress to the authorities. ” She saw us coming and called us from the beach. she explained Northern Times. “It must be torture for an animal that normally lives in a herd. »

After going viral, the photo was picked up by the British media, attracting the attention of several animal welfare organizations. However, the rescue was deemed too risky and the Scottish SPA preferred to wait until weather conditions were optimal Guardian.

Dangerous rescue

It was eventually a group of five farmers who came to Fiona’s rescue in early November. The rescue, organized by Cammy Wilson, a breeder who runs a YouTube channel, required the use of a 4×4 to get to the top of a particularly steep slope.

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In a video posted on Facebook, Cammy Fiona ” Very well » Despite his enormous wool that requires maintenance. She is soon to join Dalscon, a Scottish educational farm, where she will have her own barn.

But in a Facebook Live this Sunday, November 5, Dalscon employees said an animal rights group was blocking the arrival of the goats by demonstrating in front of the farm. On social networks, activists wrote that instead of sending Fiona to an animal sanctuary, ” petting zoo », highlighting the stress the animal feels when interacting with visitors.

In a video released a few days ago, the Animal Welfare Society explained that it is preparing its own rescue operation to rescue the animals. “Sanctuary” Near Glasgow. A petition was also launched arguing that “Britain’s Lonely Goat” Worthy “A Refuge, Not a Scene”.

So the custody battle over Fiona is far from over.

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