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Gunther is stuck in the US for the next six months

Gunther is stuck in the US for the next six months

The Intercontinental Champion is not on the Crown Jewel 2023 card to take part in a WWE live event in the United States. Initially, it was thought that it was WWE’s choice to remove Gunther from PLE and keep him for the live event, but this was not the case in the end.

In fact, Gunther was in an interview with the German media “Kron” and announced that he will be stuck in America for the next six months. At this time, Gunther was not allowed to wrestle at a WWE show outside of the United States due to immigration policy (for possible citizenship) in the United States. Gunther will travel to Orlando, Florida and go through the immigration process to join the WWE main roster.

A new policy that will now come into effect as he took part in the latest WWE Live Events Tour in Germany at the end of October 2023. WWE’s next international PLEs for the next six months are Crown Jewel 2023 tonight and Elimination Chamber 2024 in Australia. Two events Gunther must not miss.

Photo credit: WWE

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