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Nathan Gaucher is the first to be drafted in Quebec

Nathan Gaucher is the first to be drafted in Quebec

Project 2022 is crazy so far. Shane Wright who came in from the top three, the Canadian who trades Alex Romanoff who will get Kirby Dash and the Wolves make a deal to draft a second place player into the top 15.

But like every year, we pay special attention to the little man of the house. We knew it wasn’t a year where a Quebecer was going to drop out of the top 15.e and 40e Site. We only thought of Nathan Goucher, David Jewett, Tristan Lono, and Maverick Lamoreaux.

And in the end, it was Gaucher who was the first to hear his name echo at the Bell Center.

Gaucher was considered by many to be the best Quebec restaurant available and the ducks never hesitate to come and enjoy QMJHL. So it’s not really surprising to see Nathan end up in Anaheim.

Last year, with the Quebec Reparts, Gaucher scored 31 goals and 57 points in 66 games.


Now, it remains only to know how many Quebecers will be chosen today. Will Gaucher be the only one? Will Jewett Lono, or both, follow suit?

And then, will the Canadians pick a Quebecer in the first round, for once? Or will they wait until tomorrow?

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