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Kirby Dash arrives in Montreal;  Alexander Romanov leaves

Kirby Dash arrives in Montreal; Alexander Romanov leaves

Kent Hughes, the Montreal Canadiens general manager, was dazzled on his first draft in his new role, after landing Kirby Dash in a three-team deal with the Chicago Blackhawks and New York Islanders. Thursday, just minutes after Slovakia’s Juraj Slavkovsky was selected with the first choice. Amateur auction.

As the Seattle Kraken was preparing to announce the name of its new hope in the fourth round of the speech, Commissioner Gary Bateman appeared in front of the microphone to announce two deals, each involving CH.

Hakes first sent Alexander Romanov and General Choice No. 98 to the Islanders in the thirteenth selection, then Hughes immediately sent that selection, along with No. 66, to the Black Hawks for Kirby Dash.

Chosen by the Illinois team in the third round of speech in 2019, after Jack Hughes (New Jersey Devils) and Kabu Kaku (New York Rangers), Dash has 59 points in 152 duels.

Romanov, for his part, has made his way to Montreal in the past two years, having been selected in the second round (ranked 38) of the 2018 draft, by the Hab.

In 133 matches, the Russian defender, known for his defensive and physical play, scored only 19 points in his record. He also had 227 results in 2021-22, the 19th highest among all skaters at the Bettman circuit.

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