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My Health Space: The new platform to access your digital health record

My Health Space: The new platform to access your digital health record

(ETX Daily Up) – Tired of searching for your health documents? Thanks to My Health Space, this shouldn’t happen anymore. Buzyn’s law of 2019 states that the platform will make it easier to store its data, but will also provide access to other health professionals. This device, which has been under testing since July 2021 in three sections, is supposed to be available to everyone at the beginning of 2022.

The My Health Space platform, scheduled for 2022, will give users a hand in managing their health data.” This digital space should allow all French people to store their medical information and share it with healthcare professionals. It is offered as an enhanced version of the Common Medical Profile (DMP) .

The “My health space” platform is still in the testing phase in 3 divisions (Haute-Garonne, Loire-Atlantique and Somme) with 4 million users. When it was created, 69 million document holders were expected on the platform.

This secure space, whose data is hosted in France, will be effective in January 2022. A mobile app will also be available, although no date has been announced yet. It will be available first on the site, not yet active, from a computer, tablet or smartphone. Data protection is guaranteed by the state, the National Commission on Informatics and Liberties (CNIL), and the National Health Insurance Fund (Cnam).

What features?

My Health Space allows you to store and share medical information with your health practitioner. This ‘online health record’ already exists, under the name Common Medical File (DMP). Refer to “Every person benefiting from the social security system”, which defines health insurance. However, registrations are now closed to allow the creation of the “My health space” site.

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An index of health and welfare applications will be selected and approved by the state. This list will consist of applications developed by both the public and private sectors. It will be compatible with My Health Space.

For health monitoring, the option is to go beyond a simple medical calendar. The Health Agenda feature will send reminders of “recommended vaccinations and screenings”.

Finally, the last feature will be a secure messaging system to communicate directly with healthcare professionals. It can be used to contact your doctor directly, but also to send documents, which can then be registered.