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La vaccination est ouverte pour les adolescents à partir de 12 ans (photo d'illustration)

Doctor from a mobile center in Turin refuses to vaccinate teenagers and mother is angry

Bad surprise for this mother of the Turin family who has been searching for a suitable place for her 13-year-old daughter for several days. Wanting to take advantage of the mobile vaccination center that runs through Bléré, she thought she could vaccinate her daughter. It was without relying on the opinion of the general physician who runs the center. “My husband took my daughterSophie saysThey stood in line for four hours. At the end of these four hours, the doctor refused to vaccinate her on the grounds that she was under 16 years old. He found studies of people under 16 did not go well and said he would be thanked later. The firefighter next door explained to my husband that there was no point in getting upset because the doctor wouldn’t change his mind, and that he did so several times in the morning.

Sophie determines that she has filled out the necessary documents [une attestation obligatoire si l’un des deux parents n’est pas présent sur place, ndlr] And that her daughter is not subject to contraindications to vaccination. “That this doctor does whatever he wants in his office, no problem, but there in a fire truck rented by the prefecture … I don’t understandSophie adds. I asked on Monday, Mayor Blairy confirmed this notable refusal, “ten little“In his words, judge the situation”regrettable“While the vaccination was working well (175 people were vaccinated).

If this is proven, there will be an ordinal action – Dr. Guinness, Vice-President of the Board of the Medical Syndicate of Indre-et-Loire

Yes, he calls meThe reaction of Christophe Guinness, Vice-President of the Board of the Medical Syndicate of Indre-et-Loire.There are always refractories, even vaccination-resistant doctors, have always been there and always will be. The doctor is the only master on board, and he is the one who makes the decision to vaccinate or not to vaccinate for medical reasons. But here, if there are no convincing arguments, it is contrary to proven science data and contrary to medical ethics. If this is proven, there will be an ordinal action. “For this, a complaint must be lodged with the Council of the Order. Sophie asserts that she has contacted the institution… and has not yet found a suitable place for her daughter.

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