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“My fat loved this bright song”: Marie Annick Lépine will release a Christmas song and all profits will go to cancer research

“My fat loved this bright song”: Marie Annick Lépine will release a Christmas song and all profits will go to cancer research

“It’s for a good cause, and my fat loved this bright song,” Marie-Annick Lépine wrote while sharing a snippet of her new Christmas song on Facebook on Wednesday evening, ahead of its scheduled release on Friday. All proceeds from this piece will go to cancer research.

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The wife of Cowboys Fringants’ Carl Tremblay shared a video showing the Vieux Palais Choir singing their new holiday creation.

Marie Annick Lepine

Photography by Martin Chamberland, La Presse

“On Friday, my Christmas song will be available everywhere.
All profits will go to cancer research.

Here’s a little preview
The little singers (Vieux Palais Choir) sang with me at our concert yesterday.

Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to purchase the song for $5 or more through Bandcamp.
It’s a good cause and my oldest loved this bright song.

Thank you, Mary xx »

A precious song by Carl Tremblay

On November 16, the day after Carl Tremblay died of prostate cancer, Marie-Annick Lépine mentioned the song during a rally at Assomption.

“The last tear he shed in front of the beauty was for his wife, for me,” she insisted. On Monday evening, while he was in great pain, I made him hear the song I had composed for the little love choirs that I lead so happily at Easter. I wrote a Christmas song for them, and it’s full of love, hope and joy. There’s nothing sad about that. Carl was in tears. I asked him why. “Because it’s the most beautiful Christmas song I’ve ever heard, my beautiful woman of love.” »

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The musician also took the opportunity to highlight the assistance the health sector is receiving in these difficult times.

“For four years, we have had support from exceptional people in the health sector,” she told the crowd. We thanked them every time we visited the two hospitals we visited most often: CHUM and Lachine Hospital. They are all involved people with big hearts. Even if we were not recognized, we received the same service as if we were recognized. Not that Carl Tremblay of the Cowboys Fringants greeted us well. (…) Dear friends, colleagues and people who work in the health sector. It’s not an easy environment, but we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. »

Carl Tremblay died on November 15 at the age of 47 from prostate cancer.