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Abortion Rights: A Series on the Chantal Daegel Case

Abortion Rights: A Series on the Chantal Daegel Case

The new series “Disobey: Chantale Daigle” will take us back to 1989 when the country was plunged into a major legal battle all the way to the Supreme Court for the right to abortion.

Thirty-three years later, this issue has been settled for the majority of Canadians. Women have a right to control their own bodies, but there are still people as far afield as Ottawa who are fighting to ban abortion.

In this drama, which will land on Crave, authors Daniel Thibault and Isabelle Pelletier (“Mirador,” “Rupture”) tackle the Chantale Daigle case, which has made headlines across the country and around the world. The young woman was 21 when she became pregnant with Jean-Guy Tremblay, a man who has been described as “manipulative and aggressive”. She abandons him because their relationship is stormy and chooses an abortion.

Claude Rivest / Le Journal de Montreal

The man does not see it that way, and even wishing to remain in a relationship with her, he turns to the courts to prevent her from going to the abortion clinic. The court judge agreed with Mr. Tremblay despite the previous year’s decriminalization of termination of pregnancy. Then Chantal Daegel was plunged into a media storm.

In August 1989, a Supreme Court ruling finally recognized that a fetus does not have the legal status of a person. Note that Tremblay, who went to prison after the Chantal Daigle case, is known for his numerous convictions of assault, forced confinement and criminal harassment against women, Le Journal de Québec reported in April 2012.

The cast of “Disobeir: Chantale Daigle’s Choice” has yet to be revealed. Filming is scheduled to begin this summer.

Sophie Lorain and Alexis Durand-Brault’s ALSO Productions has been implementing the project since 2019, based on an original idea by documentary filmmaker Gaëlle D’Ynglemare. The series is directed by Mr. Durand-Brault. This is also the second collaboration with Bell Media after the novel “Sortez-moi de moi”, which was presented as a first window on Crave and is currently broadcasting on Noovo.