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Most Reliable Vehicles According to Consumer Reports |  Car News

Most Reliable Vehicles According to Consumer Reports | Car News

When Consumer Reports (CR) recently released its list of the 10 most reliable cars for 2024, the results were largely in line with expectations. If you had to guess which brand took at least 6 out of 10 spots, and you guessed Toyota, you were right!

Consumer Reports experts reach their conclusions by testing every car, SUV, crossover and minivan themselves, but also through an impressive database of users surveyed by the magazine. It's the last group that speaks to the consumer best, because it's nice to hear real experiences from real buyers – like you, dear reader.

The task is not simple. The CR method consists of taking into account 20 different parameters when evaluating a particular vehicle. Of course, key items like battery and motor problems are taken into account, but its team of experts adds everything from squealing brakes to loose pads. In addition, these experts subject each vehicle to tracking tests and review recorded safety data as well.

Please note that the results presented here are the journal's results and not ours; If you disagree with their conclusions, contact them!

10th place: Toyota Highlander Hybrid 2024 (score: 75)

Technical sheet for Toyota Highlander Hybrid LE AWD

Toyota Highlander Hybrid XLE technical sheet

Photo: Toyota

Toyota Highlander, grey

Are you surprised to see Toyota on this list? do not be. There's more to come. This time we're talking about a hybrid powertrain, in this case there are three rows of seats and a worry-free all-wheel drive system to back it all up.

Photo: Toyota

Toyota Highlander interior

Ninth place: Toyota Corolla 2024 (score: 77)

Technical card for Toyota Corolla L 2024

Technical card for Toyota Corolla LE 2024

Photo: Toyota

White Toyota Corolla

Ah, the venerable Toyota Corolla. Few vehicles are as synonymous with quality as the Corolla, and what's more, they do so while offering a very attractive cost of entry. Reliable engines, well-appointed interiors and, more recently, attractive styling make the Corolla an easy car to sell – no surprises here, just quality.

Photo: Toyota

The exterior design of the Toyota Corolla

Photo: Toyota

Toyota Corolla interior